Friday, August 28, 2009

Maple Peanut Butter cupcakes

This one got rave reviews, y'all:

1. Start with a golden butter cake mix. Throw it in your mixing bowl. Add one pkg of instant French vanilla pudding mix.
2. Mix in water and softened butter according to the package directions.
3. Add two big heaping Tbs of peanut butter and some maple syrup.
4. Mix in one egg.
5. Add in vanilla extract to taste. I usually taste the batter. If you need to add peanut butter or syrup, now's the time.
6. Bake according to pkg directions. This cake will work as well in a rectangular pan or on 8" round, but not a Bundt. It will probably take longer than the pkg indicates as the the batter will be thicker than regular cake batter.

1. Cream one heaping Tbs of peanut butter with one stick of softened salted butter.
2. Add powdered sugar until soft peaks form.
3. Add in vanilla extract and syrup to taste and pinch of salt.
4. Hit it again with the mixer.
5. I added 1 Tbs of sweetened condensed milk, but it isn't really nescessary.

I taste the batter and the icing to determine if I have enough peanut butter and syrup. Trust your taste buds!

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